Recognizing the Achievements of Women in Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine

Increase in Numbers of Women Submitting NSF Proposals, Winning Awards :
Over the past decade, there have been small increases in the number of proposals submitted by women to the National Science Foundation, and the number of awards NSF makes to women. However, in 2013, women still represented less than 25% of the total proposals submitted and funded, according to an NSF report.

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Tracking the Recognition of Women in Science
Achievments of Womeen in STEMM

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Many Prestigious Awards Have Few Women Recipients Since 1980.

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Germany to introduce legal quotas for women on company boards

Several countries in Europe have now instituted quotas for the number of women on boards. The latest one to adopt this strategy is Germany, where a new law would require leading companies to have at least 30% women on their boards of directors by 2016. »  Link to the original article
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