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Wage Disparities - Physicians and Surgeons:
Women physicians and surgeons take home about 64.4 cents for every dollar men earn.

Women Are Underrepresented as Recipients of Many Prestigious Awards

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Neurons Inspire Nobel Laureate May-Britt Moser's Dress

In a nod to the work that won her this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine, see the dress that Norwegian neuroscientist May-Britt Moser wore to pick up award - a gown with a glittering neuron pattern. The grid of beaded neurons on the satin-and-leather dress evokes the way that grid cells in our brain light up as they help us determine our position in space. Moser won this year's prize for discovering the brain's "inner GPS" navigation system, along with her husband Edvard Moser and American researcher John O'Keefe»  Link to the original article